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“Timing” Marches On — the ABNA

File this one between “Holy cow!” and “Hot dang!”

Timing has made it into the quarter-finals of the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest.

That’s right… the field of entries has been narrowed down to 100 per each of 5 genre categories, and Timing is one of the 100 selected for General Fiction!

Having made it into this third round, where I am considered a “Second Prize” winner, I am qualified to receive a manuscript review by Publishers Weekly that can be used for marketing and promotion. How exciting!

From here, the 500 selected manuscripts will be in the running for the semi-finals. The semi-finals reduces the field to just 5 manuscripts per genre, expected to be announced in mid-June.

I think I’ll file this under “Whoo hoo!” too!

Small Victories – the ABNA holds an annual writer’s contest, the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA). This year I decided to enter Timing in the contest because, hey, why not? There are several phases to the ABNA before a grand prize winner is ultimately selected in July.

In a nutshell, the contest spans 5 categories: general fiction, mystery & thriller, romance, science fiction, and young adult fiction. During each phase of the contest, fewer and fewer entries are selected within each category.

To enter, an author submits a 300-word pitch, 5,000-word excerpt, and the full manuscript into one of the 5 categories. These submissions, of course, will make or break an author’s continuance through the contest’s phases. Out of 10,000 maximum entries, only about 20% (maximum 2,000) of the pitches submitted for each of the five categories will move on to round two.

I am proud to announce that my pitch has made the first cut. Evidence of this can be viewed on the General Fiction entries moving to the Second Round list. When the list was announced on Tuesday I was over the moon with excitement. Discovering that my pitch for a novel that I spent years writing was intriguing enough to the contest judges to make it to the next round has been quite encouraging. Not only that, but my book is out there on a list for all the world to see!

I’m up against a lot of competition–especially in trying to make it into round three, which will narrow the playing field to a mere 500 entries. A great benefit in reaching that phase of the contest is that Amazon Publishing Editors will provide feedback on all of those submissions. I would consider that a valuable “prize” of its own. Certainly worth the effort to enter the contest–though perhaps not as valuable as the feedback I receive directly from my readers.

Wish me luck!